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We have several amazing opportunities and more that will undoubtedly come up while we are working among those precious people.  If you could/would ask your circles of influence and your churches over the next week or so to “sponsor” one of these needed spots it would be an ENORMOUS help.

1)  We are going to attempt to build 3 houses while we are there.  Each house costs $1600 to complete.  If you know of any church/small group/person that you could ask to see if they would be willing to help sponsor a house that would be an amazing contribution to what we are trying to do.  $4800 TOTAL NEEDED FOR THIS – $1600/HOUSE

2)  We would LOVE to be able to add a set of bunk beds to the houses that we’re building for families who could definitely use them.  They do NOT have those luxuries normally.  I am estimating that a bunk bed would cost an extra $250 per house.  Since one of the houses will be for a teacher at a school who already has a bed we will need 2 of these.  So $500 TOTAL NEEDED FOR THIS – $250/BUNK

3)  Pizza party at a government run orphanage where the children rarely if ever get visitors and often do not even get let out of their “cottages.”  They have been brought in directly off the streets and so it is the first “holding pen” so to speak for really precious but broken kiddo’s.  It is one of the darkest places I have ever been and one of the places I feel most compelled to shine light into.  $300 TOTAL NEEDED TO THROW A FIESTA HERE!!!

4)  We will serve lunch at the dump one day to the people who live/work there digging through garbage looking for a meal or for things to be able to “recycle” to be able to feed their children.  We would also like to provide extra bags of water this year if possible because we always run out in the middle of the summer because they are parched in the heat and have no water available up in the dump.  (Sidenote:  One of the houses we build will be in a little community just down below the dump for a person who lives/works there.)  $300 TOTAL NEEDED FOR FOOD AND WATER

5)  Our goal for the past several years has been to put a bible in every food bag we hand out and a really nice bible to every family that we build a house for.  That usually equals up to about 250 bibles that we are able to give out with a few extra’s.  $500 TOTAL NEEDED FOR BIBLES

6)  Feed and fellowship at the homeless building.  This ministry has become one of our favorite places to spend time as well.  It’s run by a good friend and has become a haven to drug addicts and prostitutes and some of the “castaways” of society for sure.  They are being loved and treated with honor and respect and have found a heart home among the people who are ministering to them there.  $200 NEEDED TO FEED HERE

7)  We always go into a community and pass out food bags – so long as funds allow and it is one of the sweetest things to be able to show up on a mother’s doorstep who has literally been praying for where the next meal was going to come from for her children and tell her that God loves her and that we pray that this blesses her day.  It is an amazing feeling to hand off one of those bags and know that you for that one moment in time were an answer to someone’s prayer.  I get goosebumps just thinking about it.  $1600 NEEDED HERE TO FEED 200 FAMILIES FOR 2 WEEKS

8)  There is a cancer center/hospital that is in need of some work to be done potentially.  A doctor that works very closely with us and helps us at every opportunity has taken over the operating room at this facility as an anesthesiologist and the room where patients receive chemotherapy is very drab and dingy and so we potentially could paint some murals on the wall.  Their is a children’s outside area – but it has no toys or anything to play with out there and we’d love to design a very small cool “playground” and build it while we’re there to put in there.  They also need a small wall built inside the facility to divide rooms that need to be sterile.  If we can help fund a Honduran laborer to come and help us do that that would be awesome.  $1000 NEEDED FOR ALL OF THAT (and some doctors somewhere might be willing to chip in to help another medical facility … get creative in who you’re asking)

9)  We want to be able to take a day and go get some kiddo’s from an orphanage or two and take them to the water park for the afternoon.  Please remember to pack your bathing suit and a tshirt and shorts to wear over it.  Please pack a one piece if possible.  It will be an ABSOLUTE joy for some kiddo’s to get to do that.  It has huge waterslides and wave pools with rafts and just FUN stuff for them to be able to play and do.  $500 NEEDED FOR THIS

10)  Little boys sponsorship – for the veterans among us you will know about the little brown boys that I refer to as mine and for the rookies you’re about to fall completely in love with about 6 of the most beautiful brown eyed boys you have ever met in your life.  They are delightful and have endured really hard circumstances to get to where they are.  One of our favorite parts of the trip is always getting to have them working with us and helping us serve their people.  In order to do that though we need to “sponsor” their stay/food for the week.  For all of them it will cost a chunk – but a chunk well worth it for them and for us.  $500 NEEDED FOR THEIR STAY

So there are 10 things off the top of my head that I know that we would LOVE to cover.  There will be more that come up all along the way.  Oh I just thought of an 11th.  There is a man from a community that desperately wants us to build him a TORCH house to use as a church building because they’re growing their little home church and he wants a place for all of them to be able to get together and we have a piece of land we just need to be able to build it.  So that would be another $1600 for that little church.  Please don’t be afraid to ask people to join you financially in your endeavors in this.  It is the part that God has chosen for some people to play and it WILL be their privilege after you get back when you share your stories for them to know they played a part in growing the Kingdom.

If any of you feel a strong tug and feel as though you’d like to stake your claim to raise the money for one of these in particular that would be so helpful.  Please just let me know which one you would like to rally supporters for.  It can be just a group of friends and family for some of these things that give a very small amount each that adds up to a pizza party turned smile fest.  It really is a beautiful thing.

Invite people to be a part of the rescue.  It’s worth being a part of.  ðŸ™‚  Keep us posted on the work fund money that you have coming in so that we can keep track o f it on the spreadsheet please.

YAYYYYYYYY so many people are going to be able to be blessed by the work your hands are doing even now.  Thank you for that.  Keep on keeping on!!  Almost there.


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