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A Bigger Cross – A Louder Boast

“Jesus, may your cross get bigger, and may my boast in it grow louder.”

– Scotty Smith, Everyday Prayers (March 17)Image

I posted a part of this blog yesterday, but realized I had much more to say when I reread it – so here is the “more of my heart” version.  🙂

This picture is of “The Junk Cross” in Santa Ana Honduras.  Pretty fitting huh?!  Santa Ana is the little town where I started my adventure in Honduras almost 8 years ago now.  Casa de Esperanza (the children’s home that we helped to begin there) is just a few minutes from this little park which houses this cross and an amazing view.  We took a trip out there Sunday afternoon after playing with the kiddo’s and passing out food bags in a community.  

This monument was erected using old car parts and turned into the shape of a cross.  The symbolism is so incredibly apparent that it doesn’t need a ton of explanation but it moves me each time that I see it.  

A heap of junk in the shape of a cross.  

That’s really the gospel in it’s simplest form isn’t it.   I bring my junk.  He brings His blood.  And somehow my junk shapes itself into the form of a cross and finds itself covered there.  Amazing grace.   

I am reading a daily devotional this year (for those of you who know me, you know that consistency and predictability are not strengths, so an everyday devotional stretches and grows me) but this book has captured something and has me hooked.  The whole premise is that we would preach the gospel first to ourselves every day before we attempt to ever share it with anyone else.  Each day the author, Scotty Smith, shares a prayer that he has written through a year of intentionally focusing his heart on relearning the gospel.  It’s beautiful and it’s moving me in really sweet ways.  Oh that we would have a cross in front of our eyeballs every single day as we attempt to advance His Kingdom on this planet.  I could honestly give you a quote from just about everyday that is a nugget worth gnawing on for a days worth of thoughts.  He also has a blog that includes each of the prayers from the book HERE.

The quote above was from yesterdays devotional reading.  “Jesus, may your cross get bigger, and may my boast in it grow louder.”  It’s it.  The sum total of it.  Whatever it is that we’re doing with our life today or in the days to come it’s all wrapped up in this one thing.

So option one … A cross that gets bigger in my hearts view.  A cross that covers this life … all of it – which requires BIG – way BIG!!   My life boasting of it with ever increasing volume.  Sometimes the volume with words.  Sometimes merely by a life that looks like it lives under the shadow of a cross.  

True confessions – here’s the other possibility as I think about the image and implications of that “junk cross.”  I live like my junk is TOO big and that cross is TOO small.  No boast.  No glory.  Just junk with a distant glance at a cross that I wish I could live beneath.  

Perhaps like me you’ve spent time in each of those places.  

And to be honest we live one of those two beliefs out in our every moment sort of life.   

As I consider whether that’s happening from day to day, I’m humbled.  I’m also challenged and empowered as I think about that as my life’s truest mission.  To boast in a cross…

As you travel through your day – each new opportunity that arises … a potential boasting in a cross and a Christ that has hidden your life in His.  Glory.

It’s my prayer today.  For myself, for us as His bride.  That a watching world would suddenly start to see a group of Jesus followers who completely buy into the beauty of a cross and all of it’s implications and truly live to boast only in the power found in living underneath the shadow of that place where His blood pours down to cover us.

May you be so incredibly aware today that all of your “junk” has been swallowed up in the shape of a cross.  In the love of a Savior.  In the mercy of Calvary.  

Go live like it and make Him famous.  Boast about THAT!! 

Be blessed!!


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  1. Beautiful! Thanks for the reminder!


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