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Good morning all…

I sent out an email a month or two ago about needing your help with Carlos’ surgery when he had an appendix attack and you showed up with giving hearts and blew us away by your kindness. He is doing so well and is in school learning computers and LOVES it. I tell you the truth that people were shocked and amazed that God came up with the money in such a short time and it was a beautiful testimony around this house and to people we know of God’s faithfulness and provision. The truth is we’re learning soooooo much about that right now. We never know from one month to the next how much might show up in our account and always by the end of the month the money is gone and God continually reminds us to trust Him for our provision.
When I transitioned out of the children’s home, I very much felt like God was impressing upon my spirit not to ask for new support that He would take care of me and that this was going to be a time of dependence unlike any other. It has been. There have been days when I stressed over how we would pay the light bill here and money would come out of nowhere and I would have enough to cover that, or when we didn’t have money to buy more food for these little guys (who eat like horses) and God would send someone out of the blue who said, I just wanted to help with what you’re doing. I have no doubt that God will show up…I can’t doubt that now, He has outdone Himself.

It’s time now though to ask again…I have tried not to do this very often, so that when I do, you know that it’s because we really need it. That it is a sincere cry for help. I have to remind you, for my own peace of mind, that I am not asking for myself, I’m asking for these little brown people that I love and adore who need a voice. Please hear their voices in the heart of this letter.
We have SEVERAL things right now that are really important within our ministry and so let me explain a couple at the top of the list…

1) Today the boys father is finished with his 60 days in an alcohol rehab center. For those of you who don’t know, we have been housing the 6 boys and their mother here at the house for the past 2 months while the father completed his rehab. We have prayed with sincere hearts that God would work a miracle in his life and that he would be the father and the husband he needs to be. Today marks the beginning of his “last chance” to keep his boys and do this right and so they are moving into a small house to try and make it as a family. It is God’s ideal and we have worked hard to try and help this family become what God intends and give their life to Him. Progress is being made. His willingness to stay in a program for 60 days was a good thing. I found a house near us and near the school where the boys are receiving a bilingual education. (That is their ticket out of poverty, if we can convince their parents of the importance of this.) It will allow us to be more involved in their lives and show up to help with homework and such but also gives them an opportunity to make it as a family. In order to rent the house though for the next 2 months I need to have $700 in my account by early next week. Then helping them to have some food in the house and something to start with will cost another couple hundred bucks…so altogether for this project right now we really need to come up with about $1000 in a hurry.

2) We desperately need a ministry vehicle. For the past few months we have been using a vehicle that another ministry graciously let us use, but it was having serious problems with the transmission and we spent several thousand dollars on repairs and rental car fees while it was in the shop and honestly we need a vehicle for our house and the ministry here. We cannot expect to use and abuse someone else’s vehicle forever. It was a HUGE blessing and we appreciated it so much, but we are at a place where we need to have our own. We sold the Suburban that we were using and we’re going to use that money to pay towards something new and dependable later, but for now we need a used car that can be used when we need to go to the mountains and rescue starving babies (like one we found on Thursday who is now in the hospital with Sam getting rehydrated and medicated) or doing the other things God has us doing. As of right now we are renting a vehicle, while we raise money for another one and it’s getting very costly. We found a truck in great condition and have put a deposit down to hold it, but we need to come up with $7500 within a week to pay it off.

We are believing God for BIG things in regard to these two things. For those of you who know me well, you know that few things are closer to my heart than these boys and so this may be one of the requests closest to my heart. The request for help with a truck is only so we can continue to do what God has asked us to do.

We are only a small piece of this puzzle here on the ground. You all enable us to be here by your support from where you are. I know times are tough, we are all feeling the pressure, but God will honor your every sacrifice. I’ve watched it a million times. Please don’t think that someone else will play your part. God wants you to be involved, not for our benefit…mostly for your own, because playing a part in something bigger than all of us brings blessings we never could have imagined. Sometimes I think a huge part of my responsibility here is to invite you into it and watch God wow you with His faithfulness to you. I hate the asking but I love hearing the stories of how He touched you.

This is hard, and it’s humbling and I thank you for allowing me the privilege of asking and making me feel like we are a team and that you’re blessed to be on it. You touch me deeply and I’m grateful for the people in my corner.

Blessings and love to you all. JEN

*** Any donations can be made on my blog through Paypal ( – you have the option of paying with a checking account or credit card…this is a secure way to make an online transaction quickly. If you are near Belpre they may be given to MaryAnn Laughery. Checks should be made out to Belpre Church of Christ and my name should be included in the memo line. If you’re sending them through the mail, the address is for Mary Ann is 685 Timberline Dr. Vincent, OH 45784.


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