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When Life Doesn’t Make Sense…

Her name is MacKenzie and I can’t get her out of my head today. We graduated from high school the same year. We played basketball together, we were in student council together, we ran in the same circle and were good friends at that time in life. Since then we’ve all grown apart and gone our seperate ways but she’s on my heart today. Cause today she had to stand beside her daddy’s casket while hundreds upon hundreds of people came to pay their respects to a well respected and highly succesful man in our community. You ask anyone and they would have told you he was a “good” man and has done alot of good for our community and the people there as a whole. Somewhere within the past few days though life felt out of control and he decided he had had all he could handle and so he drove out a desolate road to the small airport in our little country town, he took a pistol and ended his life.

Sad to say we kinda expect that from the homeless guy who’s down on his luck or the drug addict or the ___________ (well you fill in the blank.) But we do not ever and I mean ever expect it from the community man who owns half of our town, who just built a brand new gigantic house with 7 bathrooms, who has 3 healthy grown children and several grandchildren, we most certainly do not expect it then.

And yet I wonder why he isn’t just as likely to have had all he could handle. Why is it that we assume that the wealthy and the put together outwarldly are doing just as well inwardly and why is it that we can walk by a person a thousand times and we never know their pain. Doesn’t seem like it should be that way. And yet, we’ve almost convinced one another that this society demands “put together” and success is wealth and in horrid ways I was reminded in the past few days that having “everything” can still mean nothing if you don’t have the one thing that matters and it hasn’t brought peace to your soul.

Please please please keep this family in your prayers in the days and weeks to come. Especially my friend Mac, whose daughter’s heart will have more questions than she has answers and will feel like life doesn’t make much sense for a while I’m sure. They need an army of praying people to help hold them up. Thanks.


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