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Karen’s Vacation :):)

So Karen’s stint of hmmmm how shall we say this, of true Central American living is about to come to a close. For two weeks now I have laughed at her from a distance thinking about her being hmmm ok again trying to be kind, in situations far different than what she is accustomed to. Ok let me just get to the point, she has been visiting Dorian’s mother and getting to know her (yes for all of you who are at this point going hmmm this must be serious, it is) but my favorite part of the story is that she’s been using the outhouse and taking a bath with a bucket. I don’t know if that sounds funny to the rest of you, but I’ve gotten one HUGE kick out of it. Given her a mighty hard time about it as well…because see the first time she heard about it, it was baths in the backyard and well I about fell out of my chair laughing. Accused her of joining the nudist colony you know things like that. Anyway, she’s coming back to Casa de Esperanza tomorrow and we’ve all missed her around this place for sure.

I am heading to the Mariott for a night or two of quiet and retreat time with God, I’ve already forewarned her and I’m sure she’ll let me as soon as she’s able to potty inside and take a hot shower. hahahahahahaha yep still laughing.


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  1. all I have to say is WWMRD? what would madre raquel do? Cuidado Karen! Ch Ch Jen, Mira aqui, es tiempo para un hombre para TU!


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