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Every once in a while I get the privilege, and it is that, to take one or two of the kiddo’s at a time with me somewhere and just spend time with them without the whole brood of children we have with us most moments. Don’t get me wrong the brood is it’s own kind of fun, but there’s something really precious about quality time with one or two of them individually.

Last night was one of those times. I had to run to town to get some money to pay our employees out of the ATM so I took Marvin and Cindy with me. We went to eat dinner first and it was one of the cutest things I’d seen in a while. Cindy is one of our new girls and so she’d never been to a restaurant before so she walked in her eyes lit up and she had no idea how to behave…she was yelling because she was so excited and I know the proper thing was probably to get her actions all in order but I couldn’t stop smiling. Think that’s how we’re gonna be when we get to Heaven. Probably won’t have a clue how we’re supposed to act but I think God’s just gonna grin from ear to ear thinking yep all this for you cause I love ya. Anyway…so we sit down and Marvin (Mr. experienced one at all of this by now he thinks) shows Cindy that you’re supposed to put your napkin on your lap and tells her to tell the waiter please and thank you and he’s leading her through the whole thing. Sweet. All through the meal it was hilarious though, the waiter brought out the bread and she yells “pan, que rico.” Which means bread, GREAT!!! basically. Then he brings her meal which was chicken tenders and papas fritas and she yells pollo (now I should mention that I did try to attempt to tell her not to yell in the restaurant, she just couldn’t contain her excitement). Then the waiter, who is our regular waiter when we’re in there, and is very kind, brought them a treat of ice cream and oh dear the child was in Heaven. But the cutest thing was when he brought my check for me to pay and he laid the mints on the table, which we all know is a typical thing, she got right up out of her seat and threw her arms around the waiter’s waist and said “oh thank you for the candy.” He had no idea what to do and we just smiled at each other and delighted in the moment of a child’s innocence and joy.

Then on the way home, we sang at the top of our lungs, some songs in English, some in Spanish and then it started raining and Marvin wanted to roll his window down. Another one of those times I know I was probably supposed to say Heavens no children, it’s cold out there you may not put your head out the window and catch the raindrops in your mouth. I just couldn’t. I know I know. It’s just that it was one of those nights that just seemed like you were supposed to soak up the joy in the moment and I figured if God sent the rain and they were getting so many giggles out of trying to catch the raindrops on their tongue, they were teaching me a thing or two about making the most of every moment. Just a note, neither of them are coughing or sneezing today so I think we’re safe. đŸ™‚

We giggled all the way home. All of us. Even me. I was in my seat trying so hard to keep my eyes wide enough open to drive because they were cracking me up, all three of us in the front seat, and at times clearing the tears from them to see the road. Have you ever heard children who have seen and been exposed to horrendous things giggling? I promise you it’s one of the sweetest sounds you’ll ever hear. I sometimes just stand back and watch them play and laugh and I cannot get the knot out of my throat. It touches me to my toenails and I think yes Jesus this is what kids are supposed to get to do. Catch raindrops on their tongue and make mudpies and slide down the sliding board and ride bikes and get loved on. Yes Jesus, yes!! Thank You.

Every day I’m amazed at how much healing takes place in such a short amount of time. The kiddo’s that got here a week ago have changed already so much in a week. They walk up to us already and pucker up their little lips wanting us to kiss them. Today I got so many arms thrown around my legs wanting hugs that I couldn’t begin to count them. There’s a reason that God says the greatest of these is love, I think. Love heals things. All kinds of things.

Keep living and loving the life out of every moment!! Blessings.


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  1. Good post as usual…jen….you are an awesome writer….yes love does heal alot of hurts….keep loving and hugging on them and enjoy their innocence! Hope you and Karen have a great week…..thanks for all you two do! Love…shar

  2. Maybe this day’s blog should be the preface of your new book…I vote “yes”. Thank you for loving them when it’s cute and easy and giggles fill the air…and thank you even more for loving them when the lice are clinging and the rashes are fierce and the tempers explode. God’s amazing love will seem as natural as breathing to them one day as they consistently experience the love you and Karen give them. And just for the record, I think catching raindrops on tongues is just about the most perfect way to enjoy the rain…same with snow so you better bring those kiddos to WV for Christmas so they can catch some! Love you, dear one…momma Grose

  3. Sweet, sweet, sweet… Thanks for sharing all the ups and all the downs of life at the Casa…

  4. Sometimes I think we need to throw all the “rules” out the window, we put way too many restrictions on ourselves and the innocent, simple joys of childhood. I’m sure there are a lot of mommas out there that would yell at us for this, but really why would we tell our kids not to stick their heads out and catch rain drops? I agree, it’s the fun Jesus wants us to have, but we loose the vision of simple joy as we grow older. Love it Jen! Cannot wait to get there again! ~ Jaime


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