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The Best Gift…

Well a couple weeks ago one of my young friends Delaney asked me what the best gift I had ever received was and honestly I couldn’t come up with an answer. Told her I’d have to think about that cause I’d received some really really sweet ones (have a lot of terrific “givers” in my world).

Well sweet Delaney I now have your answer…the best gift I ever received up to this point in my life, was when my best buddy in all the world walked off the plane last Saturday to spend a week with me as a surprise. I didn’t know she was coming for sure and had been praying literally since the first time I came here that she would come because every one of her gifts was waiting to be used here. Her heart is as big as Texas, her hands that touch with His love, and her joyful spirit that loves to pour all over kiddo’s, just a thousand things I knew God would use in sweet ways.

It was one of the best weeks I’ve ever had truly. Touched by God’s kindness every step of the way.

Her sweet hubby, and my like a brother Tony, went to lots of trouble to give her a ticket to come and see me for her birthday last year. Then my dear friend Mary Ann worked hard with him to find a date when she and Sarajane could come together so she wouldn’t have to come by herself. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Not sure it was fair that the best gift ever given to me was her birthday present, but hey??!! :):) Hopefully her heart was way blessed as well.

Don’t think I could do justice to all that went on within my heart as I watched her love these boys that I now love as my own. If situations were different and these were my own kiddo’s and I was near home I would be diligent about making sure that they got invested in by her heart and while that’s just so much harder to do hundreds of miles apart, watching them get to know her this week was beautiful truly!! She invested herself in them and they in her and when walking away at the end of the week they all were better than they were when they started I think.

Sometimes people walk into our lives and become such a huge part of it that to not share things with them somehow it seems incomplete. It had sort of been like that when this heart got passionate about Honduras. I so wanted her to see what had stolen my heart and why. I am more “me” here or the me I want to be here, than I am most anywhere else and I think she saw that in hungry kiddo’s beside a road, or bedtime prayers, or I hope in a number of ways.

So while I know in her world it was a HUGE sacrifice to overcome some fears and to give up a week and to walk into a land of unexpected’s, it was nothing short of love in action to this heart and truly was a gift to my heart.

I love you my sister, so very much! Thank you again for saying yes to this. We were all “changed for good” because of your presence. Posted by Picasa


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  1. Jen, that was so beautiful. My daughter is Melissa and she loves it there as you do. What you guys do touches those little lives so much and I’ve come to realize, those little guys touch your lives even more. God knows who to put where. Thank you. You bring tears to my eyes when I read your words. You are such a sweet person and I have not even met you but I feel as if I have. I pray for you guys. God bless you and your work.

  2. It’s precious, indeed, when Father, out of His immense love for us, places people in our lives that enrich it beyond anything we could have imagined before they were a part of our lives. It is a joy to have the privilege of watching the relationship you and SJ share…those chairs in heaven are gonna be good!Love always, Momma Grose


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