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Those Sweet Girls…

Well I talked to two of my very favorite little gals on the phone tonight. My best friend from home has these adorable daughters that I love with all my heart and tonight I called to wish their mommy and daddy a happy anniversary and in the middle of that got to chat with both of them for a while. They are delightful and each have their very own personality that is starting to just blossom all over the place. It’s so doggone cute to hear them.

So first was the oldest and I got to talk to Kylie for a little bit. I’m not sure where the little girl went but she’s starting to act so grown up and when I talk to her now it’s starting to sound so mature and it’s wigging me out to be honest. Tonight she says to me and they affectionately call me “Auntie Jen” which I love…”Auntie Jen…it’s really different without you around here.” To which I said well babe it’s pretty different not having you guys around all the time either, to which she replies, “yeah no one seems to be as happy anymore. I don’t know it’s just different.” Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, from an almost 12 year old perspective that was precious. Probably not necessarily accurate that my not being there could affect the joy barometer but in her eyes that is how she saw it. Cute. Not that I want people to be sad, but it meant something that she noticed that there was a difference in her world without me being around. Once again I was reminded of the importance in investing enough that when you’re gone a void is left because you took up residence whereever God placed you in life.

Then on comes Maggie Moo who is this spunky little full of life being that I just grin thinking about. She is adorable and is gonna need a leash that’s for sure. I tell Sarajane that all the time. Her will is like iron and someday that’s gonna come in so handy when the things she opposes are the same things her Father does. So anyway I hear her whisper to her mommy and daddy, “can I tell her the surprise can I???” and I hear her daddy say, “yeah you can tell her go ahead. So she says, “Auntie Jen (is that cute or what?) do you know what…I have some money that I’m going to give away and you know what I’m going to give it to? The children’s home. Guess how much it is? 20 dollars and I wrote you a note to go with it too. Want me to read it to you?” To which I said of course I do, so I hear this “Mama where is the note I wrote to Jen” and she finds it and reads it to me and it says something to the effect of We all miss you so much. I love you. Here is some money from me to help the children. When I get to see you next I want to give you a great big hug. I miss you Auntie Jen. I love you.

Sarajane had told me a while ago that they had each gotten some money from having their blood drawn for tests in our area due to C8 chemicals supposedly being found in our drinking water. Anyway, being the awesome parents that they are (and I mean that as sincerely as I know how to say it) Tony and Sarajane seized this as a learning opportunity and gave each of the girls some money to spend, some money to save, and some money that they must give to God in some way that they were able to choose how that happened. I hear them sometimes and I am so reminded of all the beautiful things they are having poured into them by parents that have a lived out faith. I love what they are giving to them! It is precious to watch.

God is gonna do big things with both of these precious little girl hearts I know it and I wait in eager expectation with a prayerful heart waiting for all that is to come.

And once again tonight I pillow my head reminded of the precious gift of just being loved. Simply, truly, and unconditionally.

Thanks Kylie and Maggie for making Auntie Jen feel way wrapped up in your precious ways of reminding me you love me. I miss you guys sooooooooooo much too!! You keep praying for me and know that I will as always be praying for you! I am sooo proud of who you are letting God grow you up to be! You make my heart smile.


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  1. Well, I just read this and don’t you just know I have a stream of tears running down the face. We were just praying this morning about all things we know we’ve done wrong with them and even the things we don’t know and asking God’s forgiveness that it may not hinder their walk permanently. It does a daddy’s heart good to know that others see some good stuff out of his kids especially when he has a hard time seeing it himself sometimes. Thanks for loving my kiddos as much as you do!!!! Can’t wait to see you in 3 WEEKS!!!!!!!


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