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It’s Thursday…I LOVE Thursday’s!!!!

I’m sitting this morning in one of my favorite places in all of this world…a little deck I’ve grown to love, nestled back into the woods where the sounds of the morning are just…well fun to listen to. Calming yes, peaceful sure, but the word that comes to my mind this morning is fun! God is so creative. I hear crickets all over this place and the birds are chirping in chorus and a few moments ago a baby deer took off over the hill. It is FUN to be a part of God’s plan! I don’t know how the bird feels about singing or the deer about leaping but I think today it’s just FUN to be God’s and to live out our purpose in Him!!

Sorry the blogging has been super sporadic. I took a little illness break. Had to have an appendectomy (word to the wise…do NOT let them tell you it’s not really that big a deal…lies ALL lies!!) Anyway, things are going just fine now and I am on the road to recovery so hopefully for those of you who are checking this and reading the same ole boring blog everyday today is the day for changing that. Might still be boring, but won’t be the same ole boring one. 🙂

Lots happening in my world with the development of Casa de Esperanza. We are about 50% of the way to our fundraising goal, which leaves us with $75,000 left to raise between now and December, so please keep that in your prayers if you would please. It will happen, I know God believes in this, He planned it, so my request is just that we will come before Him with prepared hearts ready to listen and live it out. The dirt work is done now on the property and we have purchased a van to cart the kiddo’s around in. Oh just typing that makes me want to jump up and down. Kiddo’s who today do not have a home and may not have eaten in days soon will not have to wrestle those giants ever again…PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am always so excited to get back over there once I am home, but I’ve got to be honest that feeling is coupled right now with being extremely grateful for the time I have left here with the people I love a whole bunch right here in my world.

Today is Thursday and Thursday’s are always special days for me. I started meeting with a group of 9 other gals a couple years ago who have just become my hearts companions as we journey this walk with Jesus out. None of us knew the TREMENDOUS blessing it would become, or how much we would all grow by being a part of an accountability and prayer group. For the past year or so we’ve been going through Beth Moore’s study’s and we are right now working on Breaking Free. I would highly recommend it. Regardless of what study you might do let me just throw out a pitch for gathering some folks together that you really see chasing hard after holiness and spending consistent quality time together. Pick a night, invite some folks that you don’t know well but whose walk with God is evident into your home and say some simple words like…we get really good sometimes at trying to live this holy life all by ourselves and I’m just at a place in my life where I could really use some consistent time seeking God’s face with some other people. I asked you to come because I admire your walk with God and I know I could learn from it if you would allow me the honor. Choose your own words, the premise remains…God put us here to do life together. That’s become one of my favorite phrases and comes up alot in our Thursday night conversation and prayers. “We’re gonna do life together.” I LOVE THAT!! I have a feeling that’s exactly what Jesus had in mind and what Acts speaks of so much that we’ve lost sight of in our busyness and our hustle and bustle and our isolation for fear someone might found out we’re not perfect. Do me a favor, if you read no other blog and get nothing else from anything I write…find you a small group of people that you can be honest with and pray with them and share heart with them. You will find the rewards are unbelievable.

Thanks to my Thursday gals for all you’ve done for me and all you’ve shown me in your relationships with Him. You are my safe place to sift and question and cry and laugh and praise and a thousand other things. I couldn’t have hand picked better traveling companions. I love doing life together!!

Continue to be blessed and be a blessing!!


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