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Well hmmm not much to post on here today for Jen. Let’s just say there’ll be no more pupusa’s for Jen EVER!!! That one little piece of fried flatbread was certainly not worth all it’s trouble. Pray that tomorrow will be a better day please. I must go love on children. It’s what I am sent here by God to do and I don’t do it well from the bed. 🙂 I suppose this is all part of the Honduran experience and I haven’t paid my dues yet so my time has now come. You can only avoid it for so long and I by far have not had it nearly as bad as some folks. So thank you Lord.

Because I was in bed all day however I got to have such a neat conversation today with Terri Tindall (Marc’s wife). She is such a sweet lady. I am reminded over and over again how you never know the miles one has traveled. Marc and Terri lost a son a little over 5 years ago and we got a chance today to talk about some of that. Today 180 people are here being impacted by lives who learned how to live abundantly in Christ even after horrendous pain. I am touched by that and I see Jesus in both of them so much.

I am honored and privileged to know them and get to serve with them in this ministry. I’ll let Karen and Mark post on here to tell you about their days later if they want to. They built a house together today in the mountains of Santa Ana.

We are both just falling in love with Marta and her children, Dennis and Cristian. They are adorable and we’ll get to spend lots of time loving on them come December. We’re excited about that! Karen had a great day with them today.

Goodnight for now!


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  1. Dear Mark, Connie asked me to say she tagged on to another mission group for her trip home and had no problems. I talked to her last night and I can’t wait to see the pictures. What a blessing for you two to have shared this experience!God is soooo good! You and your work for Jesus will continue to be in our prayers! In His Love, Janie

  2. Jen-Sorry to hear you are ailing–Here’s for brighter days ahead. The heat here is I’m sure you also are experiencing. You are good to keep on focusing on the children. May God bless you and your work. Joy B.

  3. hey Jen this is Delaney. I just had to tell you that today that 6:00 i heard on the radio the song so long satisco i think is how you spell it so i was thinkin about you and then i closed my eyes and i saw us together in Honduras arm in arm going to love on the lil kido’s i hope i can live down there with you some day. oh……. and i was looking that the picture you got me and i asked myself how i would that go in thought with Jesus and i was like ok i got it…… i can tell them that she i walking her walk wiht Jesus……. please pray for me that i will get the right words for your letter as i sit in my room today and let God give me the words i love ya a lot and i miss you. i hope that that letter was not to juicy. Love, Delaney


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