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Ok so the two posts this morning didn’t happen…sorry about that so here’s the update for Sunday.

We started the morning on the mountain with God in some quiet time alone after breakfast. It was good refocus time. We were unable to get up any of the mountain roads to get to the area churches and while that was sort of a bummer because worship here is so special with the Honduran people, it was nice to have some time here to prepare for the week with the new team that just came in. At 10 am we gathered down at the rock and sang and prayed together about our week.

We headed to Pizza Hut for lunch and then out to Santa Ana. This property is absolutely amazing. There is greenery everywhere. Little brooks running through and a waterfall in the middle of sidewalks which cross in the middle of the various building spots. It’s awesome. It looks like a place I would choose to retreat to. So all of you better save your pennies, you’re going to want to come stay here I promise.

We moved LOTS of cinder blocks when we got to the property. Lots and lots and lots of blocks down towards the duplex houses. They are so nice. Several families are going to absolutely love their new living quarters. It is going to be such a neat place to be a part of.

Marc’s team is building a church building here this week and so we stood on the land where the building will be and we had communion there together. 170 of us all gathered around in a circle passing tortillas and bottles of grape juice, thanking God for those who would come to this place and fall in love with Jesus. It was awesome. I will remember that communion for a long time to come. It put some things into perspective about all it represents and how small we allow it to be sometimes.

Then we moved down to the spot where the childrens home will be. Marc, Tim, Karen, and I all grabbed shovels, stuck them into the ground and moved some dirt. Tim said some terrific things about how little this means for us, yet how much it means for some hungry children who soon will come home. It was beautiful. Then 170 people gathered around us as Mark McKain led us all in a heart touching prayer (where I bawled like a baby and could have sobbed loudly without any trouble). Hands on our shoulders, being surrounded by God’s family that we don’t know well but lots of tears in the eyes and some tender genuine hugs encouraging our hearts. It was so kind.

From there we headed back to the misson house had a wonderful devo and were all exhausted and ready to hit the hay. It was a big day and we all were humbled to be a part of all God is doing in this place. It is an honor beyond words to have any part in helping these sweet children. May we be His love!

It’s hard to know what the proper response should be when God makes dreams come true. Standing on that soil today was emotional for a thousand reasons. Not the least of which is that we’ll build something on that ground. Yes a building will surely be built there that will house ninos and give them a safe dry place to sleep, but oh God I so pray we build little warriors for Your kingdom. May that above all else be the most important thing built there.


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  1. Hey Jen, Karen and Mark!!!!Oh, how I wish all 34 of us could have been there this day to be a part of that ground breaking. It’s not often that we even know of one person in our life that does something such as this. But we are blessed to know two!! This children’s home taked on a very personal meaning to all of us becuase you all will be so deepley involved and I wish we could be there to lay each block personally becasue of that. Praise God for this dream!!!!!!Mark, how ya doing buddy?? I know it had to be hard to see Connie leave yesterday, but aren’t you glad you finally got to share all this with her??!!!! I’m sure she will never be the same either. I love ya, man! Give Omar a big squeeze for me!Can’t wait to see you all next week and bring it all back to life once again for us through your stories and pictures!!!!!Love you all,Tony


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